To see the first Reemora advertisement, you need to refresh at least 3 times (or reload the browser). This advertisement can be skipped after 15 seconds. To see the second Reemora advertisement you need to refresh again the page at least 3 times, then click on any link on the page. This advertisement can be skipped closing the tab. In real life, no advertisement is shown in less than 2 minutes. Why 3 times? This simulates a user coming to visit your site repeatedly and not monetizing: after a while, Reemora send him advertisement he cannot escape before visiting your site. Now you make money with that user. “In streaming, 80% of users do not monetize, and only consume bandwidth. We target those users and monetize them, keeping your SEO safe”.


We show ads only to your useless users (a returning user that never clicks on an advertisement is a non monetizing user). We target that user and send him an advertisement he cannot escape from. This is extra money for you, fully compatible with any monetization you have so far. User can be from any country and from any device. You select the type of ads you wanna show.

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Please contact us learn more, support@reemora.com